A Place Apart


About A Place Apart

There is simply nothing like Airways, one of the world’s most awarded hotels.

While its surroundings are remarkable, the hotel’s international reputation has been built on equally unique interiors, not to mention first-class service and a passionate attention to detail.

The hotel offers finely appointed rooms, exquisite decor and world-class facilities in an environment that is calm, secure and spacious.

Here you will find Papua New Guinea’s best fine dining restaurant, its most modern Health & Fitness Centre, its most luxurious spa, and First Class Suites that have housed world leaders and celebrities.

You will also find one of Port Moresby’s most popular social hubs, a place for business meetings and networking, and weekend family relaxation. While princes are always welcome, you don’t have to be a prince to stay at Airways.



Welcome to the finest hospitality in the region. Airways Hotel - Brand Film.

From the moment you enter its gates, you'll know you have arrived at a place apart: a unique and unrivalled hotel where your convenience and comfort is our priority.