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Vue Restaurant and Lounge Bar

About Vue Restaurant and Lounge Bar

With its spectacular views of Jacksons International Airport and the mist-clad peaks of the Owen Stanley Ranges beyond, a meal at Vue Restaurant is an experience not to be missed. 

The Restaurant was completely remodelled and expanded in June 2015, and was renovated again in September 2016.

Choose from a full à la carte menu, or select from Port Moresby’s finest buffet, featuring the freshest local seafood and handmade desserts.

In the evenings, the adjacent poolside bar comes alive, providing a relaxing, informal place to meet and eat, with live music under the stars.


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Exclusive Offers

Happy Hour Drinks

Happy hour drinks & tapas every Friday

Ease into the weekend the right way with Airways' greatest views.

Indian buffet

Spices of India

A vast Indian buffet featuring a world of spice and flavour, traditional Indian sweets and much more

S. European Buffet

Southern European Buffet

Enjoy a beautiful spread of Mediterranean cuisines.

Roast Turkey

Roast Turkey Night

Explore the selection of our turkey feast which includes roast turkey, turkey roulade, salad, soup and more.


TGI Friday BBQ and dinner buffet at Vue

This is truly the perfect way to end the week. What else can be said?

Sparklicious Seafood buffet

Sparklicious seafood buffet — Sundays at Vue

Bring joy to your Sunday with an indulgent lunch buffet with free-flowing sparkling wine

Sensational Seafood

Vue Regular: sensational seafood buffet every Wednesday

An absolute seafood extravaganza at Vue, with a complimentary glass of wine.