AIRWAYS | Hotel & Residences welcomes Executive Chef Galo Guerron.

Airways Hotel & Residences welcomes new Executive Chef Galo Guerron. With an emphasis on upscale local cuisine and modern culinary techniques, Chef Galo brings 23 years of global industry experience to Papua New Guinea’s leading luxurious hotel. In his role as Executive Chef, Chef Galo will implement new food and beverage concepts to create an engaging dining experience that showcases elements of Papua New Guinea’s rich local culture.

Chef Galo spent his early years in the kitchen alongside his maternal grandmother, learning the traditional culinary techniques of his native culture and marveling at the way hearty, yet simple meals would bring people together. Even when his parents were not fully supportive of the idea of him becoming a chef, he pursued it anyway as he is passionate about it.

He says this job has taken him around the world from the Middle East to Europe. After traveling through Europe and being introduced to Italian cuisine, Chef Galo was hooked on the rich, bold flavours and fresh ingredients, which inspired him to develop his talent for preparing regional Italian specialties, including pizza-making. Over the past 23 years, Chef Galo has worked his way up the ranks, honing his culinary skills in restaurant and hotel kitchens in global destinations.

Throughout the past decade, Chef Galo has also won several international pizza-making and culinary competitions. Most recently, he was Executive Chef of the Iririki Island Resort and Spa Vanuatu, where he oversaw daily food and beverage operations. In addition to employee management and training, Chef Galo was responsible for conceptualising new recipes, menu planning, budgeting, managing vendor relationships, and ensuring overall food quality.

With the wealth of experience he has, he has great plans for Airways Hotel & Residences.